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What’s been fun lately has been a lot of For Honor and Ark: Survival Evolved. I’m an incorrigible gamer and if I’m not careful, it usually swallows up a considerable chunk of my free time, aspirations be damned.
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In spite of my less fruitful pastimes, here’s what I’ve been working on.
Bienvenido y disfruta

Conjugations; 100 Words SpanishStock Spanish 1000 Words; 

I have a goal to memorize this list of 1000 Spanish Words by the end of February and test my fluency. I’ll be using practices pulled from The Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss. (He’s gonna show up a lot throughout my writing. A Fav Author.)

Yes it’s a cookbook. It’s also so much more. For me, the book was an introduction to a role model, Tim Ferriss, who’s given me a great example in how to live my life. Referenced here because of his expertise on language acquisition and retention, 4HC, The Four Hour Chef, is my personal bible. It’s from there that I draw the techniques on language learning to follow. Hence it’s reference in a language post.

First off! Serial Position Effect! Essentially states that the first and last segments of study material will be learned and retained better than the material lying closer to the middle over the course of a study session. The theory is that overall recall of the material is around 50%. So, if you study a list of 20 words over the course of 90 minutes in an effort to commit them to memory, you may expect to recall 10 of those words after a study session.

Here is a list of difficult words I’m working on myself:
Hecho; Cosa; Camino; Derecho; Gente; Capaz; Cierto; Dar; Ir; Llegar; Correr
Temprano; Estupendo; Pequeno; Reciente; fuerte; por supuesto; joven; Convertirse en

Since I want to hit fluency by February, or at least increase my fluency, results matter. 50% success rate for my time and efforts is not a number I’m happy with. Luckily we have a few methods of improving this.

The first would be to split study session time into two periods broken by a 10 minute break between them. Two 45 minute periods of studying 10 words each with a ten minute break between them yields a higher average of 70%. I’ll be testing the methods with different lists of words completely outside my current vocabulary. We’ll see how much a difference it makes.

A second method to follow is my favorite of the two. Called the “Von Restorff Effect” or the novel popout effect, by giving words in our list different fonts, colors, or size, from the rest, they stand out more in our memories. Personally, I like to think of it as a ruler. The first, fifth, and tenth words are larger, the rest are a different color, with the middle most words in between the fifth and tenth being their own color as well. E.G.


Working with this website presents some interesting challenges… Getting a list of edited words to display as intended was a bit of a workaround… I’m probably missing something obvious…
But here is our list. Spending an hour and a half committing these words to memory should now yield a recall rate of, hopefully, 80% after a day. I do believe that three days post-study is Ferriss benchmark test. We’ll see how well I remember them in conversation.

That’ll do for a first post I think. Some final words for the night. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I will be posting. Whether its about life in general or more specifically to an interest of mine, those will be the days I write and share. Which more likely means that the posts will be visible come Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings… Tomorrow, for my time, I think I may start writing different pages within the site. Structure to be will have the main page, where everything I write shows up, then have specific, dedicated sections for pieces based on the subject of the post.
And with that, sleep is what sounds fun.
Good night!

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