Subjects: The Gathering

If anyone is familiar with Magic: The Gathering trading card game, I’m a fan. My friends and bros definitely more so than myself, but I still like the mental gymnastics that go into the strategy and execution of a game. Although, I do have a small personal problem with the game. I started playing when I was maybe…  Fifteen years younger than I am now? Stopped playing about nine or ten years ago? A lot has changed. It leaves me taken a back at how vast the game has grown. Overwhelmed, even, when I try to think of a place to start. Not the best mindset for a game, hah.

I’ve been thinking all day about what I want to write tonight. So much to write about, so much to share, that now as I’m sitting here writing, I just want to format my website to a more organized state for what I will write. Build an empty box to fill, hahaha. That’s a problem I have with a lot of my other would-be hobbies though. Do a bunch of prep-work to set the stage for the job itself and then… Do nothing with it. Find something else to set the stage for. I wonder why I do it… Short attention span or commitment function, I’m guessing.

Not this time! This time I’ma jump straight into doing the actual thing! Writing, that is. It’s easy, anyways. I see writing as being the same as speaking, just through a different medium and I love to speak. But enough with stroking my own ego.

In the pursuit of keeping myself accountable to my projects, allow me to introduce you to all of the projects I have started on and subsequently put down.

  • Musical instruments: Piano and guitar. I came so close to buying both a cello and an accordion on a couple of occasions. 
  • Foreign Languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and German.
  • Physical Fitness: 2 months of MMA and Boxing (So much fun, I want to go back), 6 months of biweekly physical training with a personal trainer (educational but not worth the money). And I came close to joining a kung fu club down the road too. I talked myself out of that one.
  • Dieting. Did a lot of reading on a lot of different fad diets and practices. Very little execution.
  • Odd skills: Cooking! Programming languages Java and C++.
  • Writing. Back in high school I had a good hundred some odd pages of a fantasy novel idea I wanted to write.
  • Semi-managing/networking for a band of one of my best friends.
  • Various career ideas. Probs will cover this in another post, another day. 

I’ll port a lot of this to my Pursuits! page as well. Everything I listed here and anything I consider one of my pursuits is defined as: Either two hours of study put into it or the idea of it lingered in my head for at least five days. If I cared enough about a thing to give two solid consecutive hours to reading about it, it was a big deal for awhile, there was a reason there, it sounded like fun. Same goes for if I was constantly thinking about it.

As it stands, all of these things still enter my mind on a weekly basis. Except the instruments. Music only strikes me as a passion when I’ve been profoundly touched by a piece of music. Chopin’s “Reverie” and damn near everything by Billy Joel and Elton John had me inspired to learn piano. Aerosmith, Metallica, Rush, and Latino guitarists inspired me to pick up a guitar. From hard thrashing rock to the intricate fingerings of Flamenco guitar.

Currently I’m listening to Ana Vidovic play “Asturias” by Isaac Albeniz. Inspirational indeed…

That’s it for musings today, my dear readers. Next I will follow up with you on Friday. Until then, I have a chicken breast to put through a mandolin, a salad to compose of arugula and roma tomatoes, and some beans to pair with deviled eggs and olives. Contribution to cooking this week.
Y por mi espanol. Instalacion d’un teclado internacionale asi para escrivar con accentes como es correcto.


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