Gathering My Places of Interest

Looking at the list of everything I have saved on Facebook, I remember a lot of things I want to do. Read about it, mark it, save it, then forget about it as I run across the next best thing. This post is to gather every method I have of saving interesting things in one localized space. I’ll probably turn this into an actual page on my site as this place is a space for me as much as it is any reader.

Facebook Saved Page: Where I have everything from Cooking to Gadgets to Economic and Political discourse to science news and places to visit.

Yelp: More food and bars and interesting venues.

Google Maps: Saving places as I’m driving past them, hah.

OneNote: I have several pages in there of just ideas.

Meetup: An app built around groups and interests outside of the typical social media channels.

Google Drive: Where I keep my writings on DnD, roleplaying games, school, and language learning.

My phone’s QuickMemo+: An app thats filled with a bunch of random notes and pictures. Unique for my phone in that I can take screenshots and send them straight to this app with a couple buttons and then write around those pictures.

Kindle and Audible: Reading and Listening books that I’m interested in.

Adding more to this as I find more but, overall, these are the places where the majority of my attention can be found.

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