Wagers for Fun. Gamble to Gains.

Hello Readers!

Today is an exciting day. Today is my last day at a job I’ve had for three years. This is my last weekend before starting at E*Trade to work in finance, a career I thought was otherwise inaccessible to me for the time being. I am beyond stoked right now. Leaving this place will be bittersweet, though. While I am ecstatic to make serious progress in my own life’s ambitions, I am leaving behind a group of amazing and inspiring people. I’m also leaving behind a company that I’ve lost a bit of faith in. Decisions were made that make me skeptical of the future, particularly mine, in this environment.
But alas! All to be behind me now except for what I care to carry forward! A new door is open and time is the only thing keeping me from walking through. Monday, the 12th of March, I start as an Associate Financial Services Representative. One month of training to earn a Series 7 General Securities License. Think of typical stockbrokers. Followed by another month of training on all the systems and software. Then the real work begins.

End Preamble


Subject today is on the topic of Goal Setting and Incentives!

Pulling more from my Favorite Non-Fiction Author, Tim Ferriss, and his book The Four Hour Chef. (It’s a great book, I highly recommend it.)

Running off of research from the Center for Experimental Social Science out of New York University, the fear of losing something of value is a greater motivator than the prospect of gaining something of value. You would rather make a bet to avoid losing money than to gain money.
With this is mind, Ferriss presents to us stickK.

StickK works on the principle that you set a goal, submit it to stickK, and then you assign a dollar amount to that goal. If you don’t meet your goal, stickK will deduct that dollar amount from your account that you set up and send it wherever you might want that cash to go. It also can notify a mailing list of friends and family to say that you did not meet your goal. Monetary incentive and peer pressure to maintain compliance in your goals. Find a referee to check in with that you have met the steps to your goal and haven’t given up or called it quits and you’re rolling.

Only reason I haven’t done this myself is because my biggest catch up is a referee. This is a great resource to use for goal compliance but I do not have a ref or a partner to stick with it. (No pun intended.) However, I have a couple of friends also wanting to progress in areas and I think I could get them in on this bet.

If you have a bet against yourself, post it in the comments! If you want to contribute to any peer pressure or have any resources you would like to use yourself, drop it below as well.

Until next time!

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