This is my own little slice of the internet. The place I carved out to share my days, my thoughts, my hobbies and projects. Anything I might find interesting to share aloud. Consider this my journal. My name is Jonas B. Tripp. I want to be more than what I am. An aspiration I’m sure everyone has to one degree or another.

Here you’ll find my efforts towards my interests. Including, but not limited to, Foreign Languages, Professional Cooking, Finance, MMA, Personal Fitness, Dieting…
And anything else that might catch more than a passing fancy!
Ultimately this blog is a means for me to keep up on my personal commitments.

You, my readers, are more than encouraged to comment, give feedback, ask where I might have vanished to should I ever go dark. Etcetera. Posting schedule will be Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Commenting on the weekend, my day-to-day throughout the week, and what I’m looking forward to on the weekends. One part journal, one part tracker, one part musing through writing. Not necessarily in that order.

All in all, I started a blog because it sounds like fun. As many of my family and friends could tell you, a lot of my life revolves around what “sounds like fun”.


Jonas B. Tripp

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