The summer of 2017 had me itching to learn how to cook properly. The interest was first born in the fall of 2016 out of a desire to diet with food prep for a week to help myself and a close friend of mine with fitness goals. With this friend I first found the keto diet. We bought a couple of cookbooks, did some reading on diet and exercise, dove into it for about a month and then it got dropped as life wound it’s way ever onward.

I can’t speak for her, but part of my reason for abandoning the plan was trying to do all the home prep. I have a general idea of how to prepare food for human consumption. However, trying to cook, actually follow complex recipes with techniques and methods to yield specific results, was beyond me. When a 30 minute recipe took me two hours to prepare, cook, and serve, it was frustrating. When that resulting dish looked as sad and strained as I felt, discouragement gradually crept in. Repeating this same event a few nights a week for a month had me back to eating fast food and pan frying everything. Enter hiatus. Start it up again a couple months later.

This pattern played itself out on and off from that fall of 2016 to summer 2017. My perspective on cooking changed, that summer, when I ran into The Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss. It was the cookbook for me and the first book of Ferriss’ I had the pleasure to read. It was the introduction to cooking like a professional that I didn’t know I needed. Since then, I’ve done a lot of reading on the lives and practices of professional chefs and now I’m ready to start down the road of learning to cook again.

If you share this interest, look for my posts on cooking. They’ll be tagged, categorized, and otherwise identifiable. If you have any comments or feedback, by all means, feel free to share.

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