A list, incomplete, of hobbies I’ve gotten into and out of over the years.  This isn’t everything, though and I’ll be adding more to this list as I remember even more things I got into and out of.

This list bothers me the more I look at it. So. Instead of ignoring it as I have been for the past few years as they’ve all accrued, I’m working on them, one at a time. Look for my bog posts to come about anything you might be interested in.

Pulled from my blog post “Subjects: The Gathering”


  • Musical instruments: Piano and guitar. I came so close to buying both a cello and an accordion on a couple of occasions. 
  • Foreign Languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and German.
  • Physical Fitness: 2 months of MMA and Boxing (So much fun, I want to go back), 6 months of biweekly physical training with a personal trainer (educational but not worth the money). And I came close to joining a kung fu club down the road too. I talked myself out of that one.
  • Dieting. Did a lot of reading on a lot of different fad diets and practices. Very little execution.
  • Odd skills: Cooking! Programming languages Java and C++.
  • Writing. Back in high school I had a good hundred some odd pages of a fantasy novel idea I wanted to write.
  • Semi-managing/networking for a band of one of my best friends.
  • Various career ideas. Probs will cover this in another post, another day. 


Addition as of 02/09/18

  • Skateboarding and snowboarding.
  • Learning auto-mechanics.


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