I love connecting with people. Making new friends, sharing stories, learning about different individuals and their unique perspectives. Everyone is the leading character of their own movie, the protagonist of their own story. Those stories are fascinating to me.

Just as people are fascinating to me, so too are languages and for much the same reason. Each language has its own stories to tell. From the adoption of Chinese Kanji into Japanese, the inflections of Latin American Spanish from conquest and pilgrimage of the new world, to the spread of Greco-Roman and Indo-European grammar and syntax throughout the world. The spread of language is heralded by the stories of those who bore it forward. The evolution of the spoken word is driven by the speakers.

As a connection to people, learning foreign languages is a special interest of mine. French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese. I’ve spent some time learning about each of them. As of this writing, Spanish and French are my foreign languages I can actually speak to one degree or another. Here’s to improving that. In fact, my first blog post had a short post on language learning techniques applied to Spanish.

If you also have an interest in Foreign Languages, by all means, feel free to comment or leave feedback on my posts on the subject that interest you.

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